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Survive the night


This is a prequel to The Cabin where we go back in time to tell the story of the "Missing Campers". Our brave students out on a field trip go missing. Their friend arrives the next day to a cold fire and no one around. Soon you too you are in a fight for your life. Find out what happened to your friends and get help to be able to say you survived the night.

Ages: 10+ unless accompanied by an adult

Capacity: 3-10 people


Notes: This room is played in the dark with flashlights

Can you beat our best times?

give away 3.jpg

First Place

The Uneducated  

Escaped in 31 minutes

give away 3.jpg

Second Place


Escaped in 32 minutes and 5 seconds

give away 3.jpg

Third Place


Escaped in 32 minutes and 17 seconds

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