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Countdown Escape Rooms is a live interactive game, and the top form of entertainment in Thunder Bay. We have a series of rooms each with a different theme. Our rooms are all original designs, painstakingly hand crafted and put together by staff. Locally owned and operated. To play the game you must solve a series of puzzles and clues to open locks. Once opened you get to move on until you finally solve the mystery of the room. You are never actually locked in a room. Escape rooms are the newest form of entertainment and we are pleased to be able to offer this to Thunder Bay. Team sizes range between 2 - 8 comfortably and ages of 7-60+. Our beta testers have described us as a cross between a movie and a seek and find game, except feeling like your actually in it! If your looking for something different to do with friends or on a date night we are the perfect place!

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